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I've included Hazel & Hector in a compilation of games from the Ludum Dare 54 game jam @ 45:50

Looking forward to your next outing!


Very cool, thank you so much!


So cute! I love how they sigh :3

Also it is very impressing that you did all of that in such small amount of time. Just wow.

cool game. the puzzles were fun and i like the pixel graphics


It's so cute! The puzzles are nice! I love their animations when they are scared!

Awesome game!  Wish there were lots more levels.  

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very cute animations and interesting push-based gameplay. Significantly easier than your previous puzzle games, but the animations are awesome.

yes, i think this one’s more in line with “the great flood” rather than my more involved puzzles (great flood was fairly easy and also only had 10 levels. and had a similar art style with outlines. weird coincidence lol)

Great game! Have  you made puzzle games before? 

I like how the puzzles weren't too hard but also not really obvious when you first look at a new level. You kind of have to play through it (actually or in your head) to see which way to approach it. Well done.


Thank you for playing!

I have made other puzzle games before - check out my profile for more. :)

Nice, I played a bit of the squirrel one. I like that one too!

Not my original intention when playing your games and leaving comment, but now that I see it looks like a lot of your profile is puzzle type games - I was just thinking about if I could turn my jam game into a puzzle game - like only so many moves  to serve all the customers or something. I dunno tho. If you have a chance to play it, let me know what you think, as I haven't made puzzle games before.