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Walkthrough updated with new Bonus Levels

An immersive fun little puzzle game

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Thank you!

edit: also my apologies for adding 6 more levels shortly after you made this video ;-;

Nice! thanks, I will update the video.

The new levels are challenging and fun. Also are you planning on adding a level select screen? 

Also noticed a tiny spelling error on level 9. It should be:
 "... and it was lifted up above ..." instead of "lift up above ..."

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A level select screen is not a bad idea… It’d be nice to add something like that to save your spot at least for the extra levels. Maybe a level select should appear once you’ve completed the first 10 or something 🤔

edit: Okay, I’ve added a small feature so that after you’ve completed level 10, it’ll tell you how to skip to any of the bonus levels easily from the title screen.

The quote on level 9 is from the king james bible, so it’s written in an old dialect when I guess people said “lift” there instead. So, it is weird in modern English, but that is how the quote goes :o

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Quick skip feature is good, thanks

Ok thanks, I see now, the text is in old dialect. 

Video has been updated with the new bonus levels.

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Fun puzzle game, though. Only problem is that I cannot work out level 7 at all. Is there a way to get my frog hero to platform VII?

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You may need to ‘think outside the box’ with regards to the arrangement of the boxes…

ROT13 hint (use to read):

Lbh pna chg bar obk qverpgyl ba gbc bs gur bgure


Vs lbh chg gur sybngvat obk ba gur obggbz, vg jvyy yvsg hc gur aba-sybngvat obk ba gbc bs vg

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Ohh... I get it now. Does that mean that I have to push the wooden box into the water first, then the heavy block on top of the box?


why not make a boat using float box?


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like this
o = you, x = float box
why this is not a win, you can survive forever with this lol

Well, you would survive but you would be trapped forever on your two tiny boxes. So eventually the frog-person would die of thirst floating out in the ocean.

good idea, lol


a great flood