[NOTE: If you're on Windows, I highly recommend downloading the ZIP version instead as there are certain things that don't seem to work in the emulated browser version. Notably, the title screen in browser shows up as a black screen -- just click anywhere on screen to start the game -- and the screen transitions don't appear to work.]


I said kind of jokingly to my friends that I would do this, but it turns out you can just do this, in 2023, and no one can stop you!

It's a little janky, but please forgive me as the last time I made a game like this I was about 12 years old.

Made in 4 days for Beans Jam 3  (theme: "choices"). Created using Macromedia Flash 8.

Sorry, this one isn't a puzzle game :p

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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Tagschoice, flash, robot, ruffle


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How did you embed the ruffle player on itch?

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I downloaded the “self-hosted” ruffle.js from here, and added the given <script> tag for including that file into the default HTML file that got exported from Flash. Then I included the HTML file as index.html along with the SWF and ruffle.js in a zip file which I uploaded to itch as an HTML5 game. I think it worked just like that.

Thanks! I got that working as well -- cool that you are able to upload your old projects!

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Haha, this one is actually new, I mostly did it just to see if I could still remember how to make a Flash game. Maybe I should upload some of my older stuff as well though, hmm… 🤔

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hold up and space at the same time when standing next to the inventor

I made a lot of choices hehe. I love the layouts of each "room"! Very fun.


Haha, glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing!


nice platformer :> i like the robot, do they have a name or do we make one in the name of free will?


You know, I didn’t think about it. Maybe it’s your choice what to name them :p