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you sure level 18 (the last level) is passable?

How does level 10 work? I only see two red bricks but the target shapes seem to require three.


That level is definitely kind of mean, but hint ( gel pbhagvat gur ahzore bs rzcgl fcnprf erdhverq va gur cnggrea naq pbzcnevat vg gb gur gbgny jvqgu bs gur yriry…

Answer: lbh pna hfr bar bs gur oybpxf sbe obgu gur raq naq gur fgneg bs gur irel ybat funcr, fvapr gur rqtrf bs gur fperra jenc nebhaq

Ah yes the "impossible" level


The movement is horrible in this game. Sometimes if I tap a direction key, it moves two spaces instead of one, and if you hold a direction key, it takes an ETERNITY to finish the movement, the movement still counts when you bumb into a blockade.

that is a you problem, this game works perfectly fine for me. your device just can't run it.


This could be me, but I think the puzzles take too long to solve, movement also takes much time of this. I like it when there is a quick reward loop  1 - 3 seconds.  This way I can try again quickly when I fail and not get frustrated. And fail I will because I am not that smart. 

Maybe having inbetween goals when solvign the puzzle like idle games. In cookie clicker for example you can have little goals like upgrading your mouse before the bigger more rewarding goals like unlocking something next level like grandma and then factory. 

This is really great for 48 hours!, Keep up the good work dude!


Wow man, love this game!
Original concept.
Love the  jingle + color effect when you complete a level :)
Love the music especially, really adds to the game.