Made this in a weekend back in October 2022 for Beans Game Jam 2 (theme: "a real dream") as a way of getting familiar with puzzlescript. It was pretty fun! Realized I never uploaded it to itch, oops.

This game mechanic came to me in a dream back in like 2016 (yeah, really). I think it's a pretty cool/elegant mechanic, and I am still contemplating expanding it into a 3D puzzle at some point, as there's probably more to explore here.

Hint for level 4 if you can't work it out: jung unccraf vs gur gjb punenpgref raq hc gbhpuvat rnpu bgure?

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Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, Forest, PuzzleScript


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neat game


Really cool!

I really love the game, but there is no sound or anything playing. But I'll make a tutorial for just that, or even better than just sounds !


Loved the game. Elegant mechanic, a nice level of difficulty and the right length of puzzle, and well integrated with the story. Thanks!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing.

Very deep, territorial roar goes the cassowary! 

I wish there was a cassowary emoji so I could reply to this comment with it 😔

haha yes ^.^  lvl6 idk? is rock n person spawn point wrong?

Hmm… maybe there’s an interaction between certain puzzle elements that you haven’t considered? 🤔

I really like this mechanic! The story was simple but very memorable. I imagine someone watching a playthrough would really get the sense of the bird just wandering around. It took me a while to figure out some of the mechanics for pushing the brown square onto the bird, but once I got that everything flowed much easier. I was able to complete it and I really enjoyed the experience.


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!